3 Baraats and A Little Awkwardness

Anyone who thinks the title is borrowed (heavily inspired) from somewhere, here's a shoutout to your observation skills. You are right!! It is taken from a 1990 comedy film which has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 29%. That percentage is the exact one of how comfortable I am in baraatis. 3 baraatis because that's the … Continue reading 3 Baraats and A Little Awkwardness


The Curse OF Friend’s Marriage

It's July here and I have been attending a marriage every month since December last year. That is almost 7-8 marriages in the equal number of months. The Pandit jee who comes to our home is kind of jealous now. After 2-3 marriages/months, even he started pitching his idea which involved me getting 3% commission. … Continue reading The Curse OF Friend’s Marriage