About The Amateur

With a day job to write digital content and plan strategies to make it SEO friendly, I thought it’s high time I got a blog of my own.

Oops! I didn’t mention my name yet.


I am Roshan Bisoi, digital content writer by day and a stand-up comedian, delusionary poet, amateur guitar player, and humanoid singer by night. Born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, here is an honest POV on everything under the sun (or even the moon). Not everything is humorous, but those “everything”s are not to be taken seriously too. Yes, we are talking about the fine line between classy and pretentious.

The posts will vary in subtlety and things might get offensive, at times. There would be one good humorous post one day and a stinky one the same night. But, hey, stop thinking about it. Isn’t life supposed to be that way! Overall, keep coming back for writings that might or might not have an impact on you, but at least you would get honest ones.

I would love to get in touch with you. On that note, I am graceful in accepting gifts in cash or kind (We accept Debit Cards and PayTM too). In case, you want to know more about the humdrum of my life and the turmoil that comes down to this piece of blog, do get in touch.